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Wall cladding systems can provide the main aesthetic for a building, as well as achieving many technical performance criteria and accommodating fire performance, resistance to moisture, detailing around fenestration and openings, acoustics, environmental concerns and the host of other technical properties commonly required.

Walls have different performance criteria, generally speaking, from roof systems. However, wall cladding systems also offer a wider range of choice, especially considering cost. It is therefore important to establish two important aspects before starting to specify a wall cladding system: What are the aesthetic requirements? What is the performance criteria? What is the budget?

Horizontally laid profiles are an aesthetically pleasing option, able to provide an attractive finish within a very reasonable cost. The selection of a Half Round, Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal profile sheet laid horizontally helps create an interesting façade, and can appear less 'industrial' in its appearance than a vertically laid profile.

It is essential when specifying horizontally laid profiles that the correct combination of materials and colours are selected - horizontally laid profiles are tolerance sensitive, and it is essential that our recommendations are followed to ensure a good quality finish is achieved. Mitre corners are available for horizontal profiles.

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