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Euroseam® profile roof sheets

Euroseam® can offer unrivalled benefits to the designer, building owner and installer. At the design stage the flexibility of roof application provides the architect with a large degree of freedom, with a range of possible pitches down to just 1°.

Remarkable curves and rollformed tapers provide a stunning finish and the perfect fit. The building owner can feel safe in the knowledge that they are specifying a high performance roof system that can achieve the most challenging of performance criteria. The installer can enjoy the benefits of on-site production and the ease of installation offered by continuous sheet lengths, innovative product solutions and adaptable constructions. 



Euroseam® roof systems are over 30 years old and involve 'zipping up' of a rolled side lap over supporting halters. The sheet side laps are closed using Mechanical Seaming Tool to roll form the 'Fixed Seam Overlap Radius', creating attachment to the halter but still allowing free movement under thermal expansion. The Euroseam® outer sheet can be produced in various metals and finished, aluminium us the most cost effective, our product range features predominately aluminium Euroseam® Roof Systems. Our Standing Seam Roofs Systems can be purchased with a system guarantee up to 25 years when installed as an Elite System. Rooflights are available to match, or complement, all profiles in either translucent sheet, or barrel vault type systems.


Our typical twin skin standing seam roof with a 0.7mm liner, insulation to achieve 0.25 U value and 0.9mm aluminium standing seam will give a sound reduction of 44.2db. If part of your design brief is to reduce noise by a value greater than 44.2dB, then this can be achieved by simply adding mass to the construction. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved; one way is to increase the gauge of the liner from 0.7mm to 0.9mm. If you give us an SRi target to achieve, we will endeavor to provide a compliant construction which achieve your design criteria over the octave range. Sound absorption systems are available to reduce the sound resonance in buildings such as sports halls and schools.


Euroseam® can be used to achieve a whole range of curves from large barrel vaults to details at the eaves or even covered walkways and canopies. The sheets can be formed into sinusoidal curves or can even combine curved and tapered sheets to produce domes. Curves can be achieved by the ability of the sheet to self curve, by use of a curving machine to induce a smooth curve or by crimping for smaller radii. Attention should be given to the design of curved roofs with reference to the potential spread of cover width encountered which is common with this type of system.


The ability to taper Euroseam® allows profile to curve on plan. The parameters are project specific and so Euroclad should be consulted early in the design process to clarify details. As a general rule tapered sheets should be limited to maintain a widest pan of 400mm (otherwise the pan needs to be fully supported) the narrow end of the taper should be 167mm minimum. Setting out is critical and site dimensions should always be checked before a call-off is made for factory produced tapers.


  • ELITE System
  • Full length roof sheets with no endlaps
  • BBA Certified System
  • Excellent Acoustic performance
  • Low pitch construction
  • Smooth curved
  • Rollformed Tapered


Euroseam Profile Diagram


Aluminium - 0.9mm Plain Mill - 2.338 kgs | 1.2mm Plain Mill - 3.006 kgs
Precoated Aluminium - 0.9mm Coated - 2.368 kgs | 1.2mm Coated - 3.039 kgs


There are a large number of possible constructions which may be classed as single skin, some of which are considered higher risk where there are significant additional uplift loads generated. Examples of these would be exposed eaves, ridge or verge cantilevers (not closed by a soffit), canopies or large warehouses with a large opening at one end where vortexes can be created inside the building. Provided that care has been taken in considering the applicable loadings and the Euroseam®, sheet load/span capacity in the design process it is possible to use Euroseam® successfully as a single skin sheet. In all cases the critical element is that the total of all possible applicable wind loads are established when designing and that the sheet span capacity is checked against the total of these loadings using the published load/span tables Wind v Reaction figures.

product parameters

  • Minimum transition straight length on complex curves with any radii below 15 metre: (*2) - 1 metre
  • Minimum induced smooth curve convex radii: (*1) - 8 metres
  • Minimum induced smooth curve concave radii: (*1) - 8 metres
  • Minimum self-curve convex radii - 45 metres
  • Minimum self-curve concave radii - 60 metres
  • Minimum pre curved sheet length - 2 metres
  • Minimum straight sheet length - 0.5 metres
  • Maximum sheet length - No limit
  • Complex curves that have radii less than 15 metres should be site curved, so that fit to structure can be ascertained.
  • Induced curved sheets will always have a minimum 500mm of straight leg on one end of the supplied sheet as a result of the manufacturing process. This straight may be a problem on tight radii short sheets and as such please seek advice from Euroclad should you have any concerns. All smooth curves are supplied to the following tolerance;
> 15 metre radii curves +/- 0.5 metres on radii
> 8 and < 15 radii curves +/- 0.35 metres on radii
Positional / length of curved / straight sections +/- 200mm

The parameters about refer to 0.9mm Stucco Embossed material. For other materials please consult with our technical sales team.

GREEn Roof

Green roofs have become popular due to the importance of reducing carbon emissions, creating clean environments and improving local ecologies. Simplifying the very wide range of solutions available, there are three basic types of green roof construction:

Intensive roofs

Intensive roofs are suitable for heavy regular trafficking, and often include trees and shrubs as well as turf and other vegetation. They are often used in urban developments to create usable spaces raised off the floor. They are generally high maintenance and replicate a ground level garden space. Often they are installed over concrete decks as an inverted roof, and Euroclad do not currently offer any systems suitable for an Intensive roof design.

Extensive roofs

Extensive roofs are light weight systems not normally intended for trafficking, and are the most popular and regularly used type of green roof system. There are a number of Extensive roof solutions available such as sedum blanket, or plug planted systems. They are generally low maintenance and cost effective.


Bio-diverse are sometimes known as 'brown roofs' and essentially are a blank canvas onto which the local naturally occurring plant species can flourish. They typically require no maintenance; however usually require a significant period of time to fully establish themselves.

For more information contact our Business Development Team - click here


  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce urban heat island effects
  • Assist regulate building temperatures
  • Excellent Acoustic performance
  • Low pitch construction
  • Create habitat for local wildlife


Various colour coatings are available for the aluminium material our preferred choice is PVDF. PVDF, (polyvinylidene Fluoride) coatings were developed over 30 years ago, the surface finish is smooth with a decorative finish life expectancy of 25 years. This comprises a minimum of 70% PVF2 resin and a maximum of 30% acrylic. It is very durable, giving excellent flexibility and chemical resistance combined with the highest possible performance regarding gloss retention, chalking and colour change. You will be required to sign off the colour ordered as acceptable when ordering Painted Aluminium colours from Euroclad, we will supply a swatch sample before the coating of the material takes place. Material guarantee can be supplied by the material manufacturer; you must register your project once installed with the material manufacturer. Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 300m² for all painted aluminium material. Colours - Colours are available from BS RAL colours range

For full colour availability and options please contact Sales


Planning constraints sometimes require a "dull" finish to the mill finish aluminium because of the reflectivity of new stucco embossed aluminium. In these instances an Organic Patina finish utilising a low gloss dull lacquer is available - tests have shown the finish can reduce the reflectivity by up to 35%. There is a greater cost to the finish, which imitates the look of weathered Plain Mill stucco embossed aluminium. Please note that perimeter flashings must be produced in the same material. Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 300m² for all painted aluminium material.


In all cases of site production we require close consultation throughout the quotation process and advise that it continues through planning stages whenever appropriate for size of the project. We will attend necessary site planning meetings to discuss our Method Statement and personnel requirements and be able to give precise site specific method statements. We have a vast knowledge of building site situations and our full time On site team will advice the best, most appropriate site solution to receive our standing seam sheets, whether straight, curved, multi curve or waveform on to site. To help decide which is your best method of supply to site please contact our sales office on 02922 010101

factory manufacture

Euroseam® profiles can be manufactured at our Cardiff based manufacturing plant and packed carefully for delivery. ISO9002 Quality checks throughout the material order process then the manufacturing process enable complete material and product traceability through and after the production process.

delivery packing

Straight packed profiles enable good use of the trailer space and an average load of sheets will contain approx 2500m2 of sheets. Pre curved sheets are stacked on the delivery trailer in a differents method only allowing 800m2 per load. Maximum pack weights for delivered sheets is 1 tonne. Sheet lengths up to 8 metres can be safely lifted using webbing slings more than 8 metres will require additional use of a spreader beam (we can supply by request). Spreader beams are designed for crane offload only. Please discuss any site specific requirements before placing an order.

SITE roll - ground

EWhere sheet length exceeds 18.5 metre lengths we recommend the use of our mobile production units, where standingseam profiles can also be produced from one of our 3 mobile units. An 85 KVA, 3 phase generator supplies power to the Rollformer for upto 2 weeks without refueling so we have no additional requirement on site except for the necessary space and correct number of contractor supplied manpower. The Euroclad On Site team can arrive to site and produce sheets following a 10 minute simple trailer setup. Sheets can be rollformed then lifted using a Euroclad Spreader beam or alternatively the rollformer can be safely lifted to the eaves and sheets produced at roof level.


The rollformer has its own wireless remote control unit so the machine can be run from the safety of the roof area without being inside the rollformer production unit. When rolling at ground level we can produce 6000lm of sheets per day, at roof level we can also produce 6000lm per day.

CURVING option

The curver facility can also be located on site, it is contained inside a 20ft container and can produce single, multi and waveform curves on site down to a 1.5 metre radius. (MINIMUM RADII - DEPENDING ON MATERIAL SPECIFICATION)

Site roll ground




Roll at Eaves




Installation Examples

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