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As a key part of our wider product range, roofing profiles provide high quality, cost effective solutions coupled with ease of installation. As a result of the extensive range of options available, our roofing profiles can be adapted to fit almost any roof application.

A full range of colours are available for the roof profiles, a number of which are identified as particularly suitable for roof applications. These tend to be lighter colours, which are less subject to fade and reduce the movement of the sheet caused by temperature changes. For curved eaves and ridge details, all profiles can be adapted to fit most specifications and 'barrel vault' self-curving roofs may be accommodated subject to the profile type and curve radius.

Built Up roof and wall cladding systems have been used for around fifty years in the UK and incorporate thin-gauge, profiled steel or aluminium metal sheets. These profile sheets are often referred to by their shape: Trapezoidal profiles are those that are based on a trapezoid or trapezium whilst sinusoidal profiles are based on the shape of the sine wave.

Euroseam® refers to the 'seamed overlap' on the sheet upstand and the secret fix refers to the sheet concealed fixing mechanism. These metal sheets can be taken to form a liner sheet and an external sheet, which are separated by a spacer system to create a cavity for insulation. Modern built up systems use more complex spacer bar systems designed specifically to reduce cold bridging and enhanced structural performance to accommodate the depth of construction typical of modern buildings

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