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Euroclad system accessories enable our products to be istalled correctly and to our specification. Profile fillers, Sealants, Insulation, Fixings, Lifting Slings, Spacer Bar system, Seaming tools even fixing drills are available delivered direct to site, on short lead times.

Quattro Spacer Bar Systems

Fundamental to any built-up metal roofing or cladding system is the spacer used to separate the outer weathering skin from the internal liner sheet.This stops the low-density insulation from being over compressed and allows flexible constructions accommodating almost any insulation depth. The spacer system is crucial to the thermal efficiency and stability of the roof or wall system, supporting the outer sheet and transferring external loads to the structural elements.

We continue to lead the metal roofing and cladding industry with further product innovation in spacer bar systems. The revolutionary new Quattro bar and bracket system supersedes the existing Eurobar and Eurobar Extra systems, using intelligent product design to provide a stronger, more cost effective replacement. Put simply Quattro is a better product at a lower price. Quattro has been developed to meet the challenge created by the revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations and is available in depths of 80mm right up to 400mm. With insulation depth continuing to increase this really is a future-proof system. Combined with existing Euroclad products, Quattro can accommodate the potential for increased construction depths and offer the stable performance needed for modern metal construction, while being compatible across the majority of metal building applications.  

Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) there is a legal obligation for manufacturers to provide proof of their product’s “fitness for purpose”. To comply with the CPR the Quattro spacer system for built up metal roof and wall cladding is the first product of its kind to be CE marked through the mechanism of achieving a European Technical Approval (ETA).  Spacer systems provide the structural anchor for the external sheet of a metal built-up roof or wall construction, whilst creating a cavity between the liner and external sheets to house insulation.  Such systems can only be CE marked through an ETA. The CE Mark provides proof of Quattro’s “fitness for purpose” and by affixing the CE mark Euroclad demonstrates that the finished construction works will comply with the CPR requirements of:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire Hygiene, health and environment
  • Safety & accessibility in use
  • Protection against noise
  • Energy economy and heat retention
  • Durability, Serviceability and Identification

Download the Quattro Technical Brochure - Click here


Euroclad offer the expertise of insulation manufacturers, each offering different individual merits.  Knauf and Rockwool provide Euroclad and Elite systems a diverse range of products all of which are fire rated, recyclable and achieve A+ in the Green Guide.


With an extensive range of cladding roll and slab thicknesses, Knauf offer one of the most complete insulation ranges available.  Factoryclad cladding rolls can be produced in four different lambdas (0.032ℓ/0.035ℓ/0.037ℓ/0.040ℓ) with Rocksilk slab insulation is available in a standard 0.037ℓ. The company's complete knowledge of the drivers and end user applications for insulation, guarantees the appropriate range of quality branded products.  Knauf Insulation offer low cost solutions whilst protecting the scarce resources of our planet. Euroclad offer Knauf products as part of the Elite component range, with insulation used in both roof and wall constructions.  Knauf materials are lightweight, cost effective and thermally efficient.  Ideal for use in Elite systems.


Rockwool Ltd, pride themselves as the UK's leading manufacturer of mineral wool insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic protection.  Rockwool insulation is one of the most sustainable construction products available. Euroclad include Rockwool insulation in all of their firewall constructions and is the preferred insulation in Elite roof and wall acoustic systems due to its density.  A full range of Cladding Rolls, Flexislabs and plain/tissue faced acoustic slabs are available from Euroclad. Rockwool products have been specifically developed for use in lightweight cladding applications to satisfy the thermal, fire and acoustic requirements of roofs and walls. These products are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses to suit the needs of virtually any application to framed buildings of a commercial or industrial nature. The product has been successfully tested in an insulated firewall in accordance with BS 476: Part 22, 1987.

Fixings & fastners

Euroclad can offer fixings in either carbon or austenitic stainless steel, with fixings in Elite systems offering guaranteed performance of up to 25 years.  Pre moulded or powder coated colour matched heads can be supplied to match Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat LG ranges from TATA and pre coated aluminium.


Elite partner EJOT, specialise in cold forming and injection moulding and are one of Europe's largest manufacturers of fastener and anchor systems.  This includes specialist products for the roofing and cladding, single ply roofing and façade markets as well as a comprehensive range of high quality fasteners to the construction industry. The ranges are supported by EJOT's unrivalled technical back up which enables Euroclad and its customers to consult their engineers and technicians, as well as the company's application laboratory, the EJOT APPLITEC. EJOT are the sole supplier of fixings for Chloride Rich Environments within Elite systems.

SFS intec

As an Elite partner, SFS intec stands for quality products and service.  Backed by the extensive resources of an international group, SFS UK offers Euroclad proven commitment to product quality, innovative ideas, sound technical solutions and efficient service. Besides the extensive range of fixings available, SFS intec offer their Type A+ butyl sealants for roofing and cladding applications.  The SFS pink strip sealant offers outstanding performance and is easily identified by its unique pink colour. 


Euroclad are proud to partner with Brett Martin and Hambleside Danelaw. All of our Elite roofs have roof-light specifications and details designed to provide the same life as the roof, 12 or 25 years.

These can then be purchased as full kits as part of the system from Euroclad so you can be sure of timely delivery, a full compliment of components and the correct quality. They are also designed to be simple to fit! Roof light closures are recommended by Euroclad in the Elite systems. They are however not an essential part , especially on high bay buildings. Their exclusion does not impact on the long term performance of the system , or the guarantees in any way. The only reason for their inclusion is that , on low roof buildings, the insulation may, in some cases be visible along the margin of the roof light. Even in such cases this is merely an arguable aesthetic point.

SF500 system

SF500 system rooflights are available as in plane profiled rooflights or multivault domed systems  - please contact the Technical office for project specific information and NBS Specifications. These systems can be supplied with ELITE 3 with a 25 Year Guarantee

Standingseam system

Standingseam system rooflights are available as multivault domed systems  - please contact the Technical office for project specific information and NBS Specifications. These systems can be supplied as with ELITE System 4 with a 25 Year Guarantee.

Trapezoidal system

Trapezoidal system rooflights are available as in plane profiled rooflights or multivault domed systems  - please contact the Technical office for project specific information and NBS Specifications. These systems can be supplied as with ELITE System 1 & 2 with a 25 Year Guarantee. 

Fillers & Sealants

Profiled foam fillers are designed to seal roofing and cladding profiles against dust, water and water vapour ingress. For ELITE systems the filler specification is for Metallocene Polyolefin material.

Where an ELITE guarantee is not required, Polyethylene fillers can be used. Profile fillers are sold in pairs, normally delivered to site with Euroclad profile sheet deliveries, however by special request can be delivered next day to site via a courier. (Subject to availablity and additional delivery charge)

Raked profile fillers can be produced for roof hips, valleys and gable ends. We require the profile description, roof pitch and plan angle to manufacture. Lead time for raked profile fillers is 5 working days. Profile fillers are also available for all of our structural deck profiles.