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Wall systems

What can a metal wall do for you?

Wall cladding systems can provide the main aesthetic for a building, as well as achieving many technical performance criteria and accommodating fire performance, resistance to moisture, detailing around fenestration and openings, acoustics, environmental concerns and the host of other technical properties commonly required.  Walls have different performance criteria, generally speaking, from roof systems.  However, wall cladding systems also offer a wider range of choice, especially considering cost. It is therefore important to establish two important aspects before starting to specify a wall cladding system: what are the aesthetic requirements, what the performance criteria are and what the budget is.

Horizontally laid profiles

Horizontal Half Round ProfileThis is an aesthetically pleasing option, able to provide an attractive finish within a very reasonable cost. The selection of a Half Round, Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal profile sheet laid horizontally helps create an interesting façade, and can appear less 'industrial' in its appearance than a vertically laid profile. Note that when using a Trapezoidal profile, the colour is applied to the broad face of the profile, giving a flatter appearance, with the shadow effect of the narrow corrugation helping to conceal the side lap detail and make fixings less obvious. It is essential when specifying horizontally laid profiles that the correct combination of materials and colours are selected - horizontally laid profiles are tolerance sensitive, and it is essential that our recommendations are followed to ensure a good quality finish is achieved. Mitre corners are available for horizontal profiles.
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Vertically laid profiles

Vertical Half Round ProfileThis is the most straightforward and economic solution to a metal wall cladding system offering excellent technical performance whilst being quick and easy to install. Enhancement to achieve Firewalls for boundary wall conditions is usually very easily achieved, and the systems generally have good acoustic performance and excellent environmental credentials. Generally, a trapezoidal profile is selected for vertical applications; however it is also possible to use sinusoidal or half-round profiles. The colour being applied to the broad face of a trapezoidal profile gives a flatter appearance and helps conceal the side lap detail and fixings.

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Firewall options

Euroclad Fire Wall OptionsEuroclad's built up systems use non-combustible* insulation throughout, therefore it is generally easy to achieve a 4 hour fire wall construction in accordance with BS476 Part 22. For a vertically laid wall, using a stone wool cladding roll insulation, a 4 hour fire wall is achieved without requiring any additional components to the system (please refer to Euroclad Firewall brochure for exact requirements). It is important to remember that some modification of the supporting steelwork may be required.

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ACM/ MCM Rainscreen

ACM system from Euroclad FacadesA rainscreen façade has been defined as a cladding applied either during the primary stage or as an over cladding to an existing structure in the following manner: "An outer weather resistant decorative skin fixed to an underlying structure by means of a supporting grid, which maintains a ventilated and drained cavity between the outer decorative skin (the façade) and the underlying structure". ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) and MCM (Metal Composite Material) have the distinct advantages of being lightweight, offering second-to-none flatness and aesthetic qualities, being able to accommodate complex geometries and shapes. They interface neatly with fenestration and provide a ventilated cavity rainscreen solution suitable for new build or refurbishment.  ACM and MCM's consist of two thin layers of aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, copper or other metals continuously bonded under tension to either side of a thermoplastic or mineral core.
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Metal Rainscreen

Euroclad Metal Rainscreen SystemsRainscreen façades are also available in solid metal finishes, such as stainless steel, zinc, copper, brass and aluminium. A wide range of colours, finishes and options is available - Aluminium, for example, is available in a natural finish, pre-coated (PVDF coating), post-coated (polyester powder coated) or anodized. Stainless Steel is available brushed, mirror, matt or with an applied colour or texture from a specialist metal finisher.
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Roof and wall systems can be supplied with LPCB or BBA approval. More information is available throughout this web site.

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