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Structural deck /Trays

What is a Structural Deck?

Structural DeckStructural Decks offer the benefits of long span construction, enabling the design of lighter and more economic structures, structural decks are specified for use within many high performance roof installations, typically supporting secret-fix/standing seam outer skin roof products. Whilst meeting the stringent performance requirements that legislation demands, flexibility of these products allows the designer more freedom, enabling clean internal lines and a multitude of options such as convex, concave and even tapered curve elevations.


Why choose a Structural Deck?

Structural DeckBy spanning a decking profile from rafter to rafter, the need for purlins can be eliminated in a portal frame design. A structural deck will perform the function of transferring dynamic and dead loads of the roof covering to the frame, and will also provide the necessary lateral restraint to the main structural frame. It is also possible to design a 'diaphragm' roof (often referred to as a "stressed skin" design) - please refer to our Technical Department if a calculation service is required for the structural decking design on your building.



Trapezoidal Deck Profiles

Structural DeckDesigned and specified for use with specialist single ply membrane roof covering systems, the Euroclad trapezoidal roof deck range offers the specifier the benefits of a fastrack low pitch installation combining cost, aesthetic, structural and longevity benefits. These profiles would normally be shallower in profile, limited to around 2.000m span (please refer to load span tables) and would not provide normally provide lateral restraint.

FIRE RATING - All built up roof deck sections achieve a Class 1 fire rating in accordance with BS 476:
Part 7 and meet Class 0 requirements as laid out within current building regulations. *220N/mm2 yield stress.


Structural Tray Profiles

With significant benefits over more traditional construction, Euroclad structural trays offer large span, fast track installation, providing a clean internal finish that is often desirable for public areas, and particularly suited to airport buildings, and similar 'circulation' areas. Designed to offer structural support to slate, tile, profiled roof and wall systems, the long span capability of these trays helps eliminate the need for purlins creating a clean internal finish and allowing full usage of the building space.

FIRE RATING - All structural trays achieve a Class 1 fire rating in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and meet Class 0 requirements as laid out within current building regulations.

What do our customers think of this product?

T A Colbourne Ltd - Tom Colbourne

"Euroclad have been a vital link in our supply chain for nearly thirty years. Their technical expertise has been of great assistance to us on many occasions. They have consistently provided a service and product which reflects are own quality standards and have helped us keep to the forefront of product innovation, and compliance with regulations and legislation. This is all managed with a personal touch and commitment to customer service. In thirty years I cannot remember one occasion when we have been seriously let down. Recently we completed a prestigious new cruise terminal building at Southampton docks. The construction involved a steel deck spanning 8.0m, Euroclad took an innovative approach to the design and were able to carry out the calculations to prove the most economic solution. They supplied 15,000 square metres of material in a very short lead time."
T A Colbourne

Coverworld Construction Ltd - Colin Mitchell - Director

"Whenever I have a project that has a need for a structural deck; I'm always confident I'll find exactly what's required with Euroclad. Their technical back up is also quick and thorough and always eager to value engineer to the most economical solution.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Euroclad to anyone needing a structural deck."
Coverworld Construction


Specialists in Rainscreen Cladding, Standing Seam Roofing, and Metal Roof Cladding. Euroclad products and systems have been designed and refined over 30 years to be used for a wide range of constructions. The choice on offer ensures that whatever the requirement Euroclad can give you a cost effective solution that meets or exceeds the requirements of the new 2010 Building Regulations Part L and Part E.

Roof and wall systems can be supplied with LPCB or BBA approval. More information is available throughout this web site.

NBS draft specifications are provided for standard constructions throughout this website, they can be tailored to suit project performance requirements through consultation.
Whilst we offer a range of standard solutions we can also respond individually to your requirements for specific thermal, acoustic, structural and other performance considerations.

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