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What is a Standing Seam roof?

Standingseam Roof SystemStanding seam roof systems are over 30 years old and involve the 'zipping up' of a rolled side lap over supporting halters. The sheet side laps are closed using a Mechanical Seaming Tool to rollform the 'Fixed Seam Overlap Radius', creating attachment to the halter but still allowing free movement under thermal expansion. The Standing Seam outer sheet can be produced in various metals and finishes, Aluminium is the most cost effective, our product range features predominately Aluminium Standing Seam Roof Systems. Our standing seam roof systems can be purchased with a system guarantee up to 25 years when installed as an ELITE System.
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Why choose a Standing Seam Roof System?

Euroclad Standing Seam RNLI HQ - PooleA standingseam roof has gives the following benefits: A low risk of water penetration - this is because there are no external penetrations of the outer sheet required and no end laps. Standing seams are lightweight roof systems, making them ideal for steel frame new build and for refurbishment. The most commonly used new build construction is the over - purlin twin skin liner construction, and the sheet integrity and inherent weather-tightness makes it suitable for long roof slopes. The finished roof system is low maintenance. Complex shapes can be formed, including waveform curves, tapers - offering architectural appeal. Roof penetrations such as rooflights, access hatches and smoke vents can be incorporated without compromise to the roof system. Systems using a Structural Deck are also common, where purlins are eliminated from the construction.
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System Performance

Euroclad Standingseam Convex Curved RoofBecause of the metal on metal zipped up sidelap detail, the outer sheet effectively breathes, therefore making the system also suitable for refurbishment and removing the need for a breather membrane or building paper. The most commonly used construction is the over - purlin twin skin liner construction, the metal liner provides good aesthetic quality, is versatile and cost effective and can be used as a vapour control. Systems using a Structural Deck are also common, where purlins are eliminated from the construction. Our systems have passed rigourous testing and quality inspection to achieve BBA approval, this has been updated in 2009 and is the only current BBA certificate in the UK market.
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Acoustic Benefits

Our typical twin skin standing seam roof with a 0.7mm liner, insulation to achieve 0.25 U value and 0.9mm aluminium standing seam will give a sound reduction of 44.2db. If part of your design brief is to reduce noise by a value greater than 44.2dB, then this can be achieved by simply adding mass to the construction. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved; one way is to increase the gauge of the liner from 0.7mm to 0.9mm. If you give us an SRi target to achieve, we will endeavor to provide a compliant construction which achieve your design criteria over the octave range. Sound absorption systems are available to reduce the sound resonance in buildings such as sports halls and schools. You can view the various system construction incorporated in ELITE Systems here.

Regulation Compliance

Euroclad Standingseam Waveform RoofAll constructions are thermally modelled on software compliant to BS EN 10211/1 and 2, fully taking into account any thermal bridging through the systems to achieve the required U Value. Details of methods for showing compliance are available in the Goverments Approved Document itself, the MCRMA Technical Paper 14. - 'psi' Values are availble for robust and bespoke details. NBS draft specifications are provided for standard constructions and can be tailored to suit project performance requirements through consultation. This service can utilise our experience and the flexibility of built-up systems, which can respond individually to your requirements for specific thermal, acoustic, structural and other performance considerations.
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Installer Training

Refurbished in early 2006, The Euroclad Training Centre provides a comfortable Classroom area with the latest in Multimedia facilities. In the practical area there are 2 mobile fixing rigs all with workstation benches full of the latest tools supplied by EJOT & SFS Intec. Facilities are used by Contractors for Installer and Estimator Training, also Euroclad Staff Training takes place at the facilities. On site Training sessions are available on request. Euroseam Installer courses have been put together using 10 years of on site experience and even more Technical experience.  CITB and NFRC have given their accreditation to the Course Syllabus. More details are available on request.

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What our customers say about this product?

Range Roofing - Malcolm Nevitt - Project Co-Ordinator

''The difference I find in dealing with Euroclad is YOU and your colleagues. Unlike a lot of the area sales managers we see and hear from nowadays, you are knowledgeable, helpful and very enthusiastic. The same can also be said of your colleagues I have dealt with over the past 12 months also e.g. Ian, Rhian, Paul, Martin and Vicki, together with John and your credit controller as well - all take an interest and are helpful and enthusiastic. Companies rightly attach a lot of importance to product quality and service e.g. right and on time etc, but people are just as important. This is a people business and a people industry. Relationships are forged by people and it is often overlooked that staff are actually one of a businesses most important assets.
Senior managers may take these aspects for granted or sometimes overlook them in favour of aspects that are more easily measured, but they do so at their peril. Personable, helpful, competent staff are not universal throughout our industry and where all other things are equal, customers are always more likely to turn firms like Euroclad where the staff are positive and upbeat, as a first port of call, rather than those where the staff don't really appear to care or be passionate about what they do.''


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NBS draft specifications are provided for standard constructions throughout this website, they can be tailored to suit project performance requirements through consultation.
Whilst we offer a range of standard solutions we can also respond individually to your requirements for specific thermal, acoustic, structural and other performance considerations.

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